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Attorney's Fees
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Everyone is concerned about the price that their attorney will cost. I will discuss my fees with you at your free consultation. Every case is different, so it is impossible for me to list out my fees on this website.

1. My fees are almost always quoted on a "Flat-Fee" basis.

This way you will know up front how much it will cost to retain me as your attorney. Most criminal defense attorneys use a flat-fee in their services. This is opposed to an hourly fee, which is usually used by civil attorneys. I prefer the flat-fee method, allowing my clients to know exactly how much their representation will cost

2. "Middle-Range" priced attorney

My fees fall somewhere in the middle of the range of fees charged by criminal defense attorneys. I am not the cheapest lawyer around, nor do I strive to be. If I were, I would probably have too many clients to be able to give you the personal attention you deserve.

I am definitely not the most expensive attorney around either. I understand that anytime someone is coming to see a lawyer it is almost always an unexpected expense. I will work with you (within reason) and set up a payment plan with you if necessary.

3. Credit Cards

I accept all major credit cards at no additional cost to you. I do not add any additional "convenience" fees, as is the practice with some other places.

In fact, I accept credit cards directly on this website!
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4. Pre-Trial + Trial Fee Structure

With most of my cases, I use a pre-trial plus trial fee structure. What I mean by that, is that your initial fee will include my representation of you through all court appearances, most hearings, several meetings with you, review of all evidence, and a DWI Video review session.

If after review of all of the evidence and offers made, you decide you want to have a trial, I charge an additional fee.

I use this pre-trial plus trial fee structure in order to charge everyone a fair amount based upon the work and time that it will take me to prepare for your case. Obviously, trial prep and the actual trial will be more time consuming, and this fee structure contemplates this.


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