My name is Hunter Biederman, and I am a seasoned trial attorney who focuses a large part of my practice on DWI defense. As a former Assistant District Attorney in Collin County, I have handled hundreds of DWI cases from the side of a prosecutor. I have also handled DWI 2nd's, Felony DWI's, Intoxication Assault, and Intoxication Manslaughter cases. . . Not many attorneys can say that.

In addition, was recently named a Super Lawyers Rising Star by Super Lawyers magazine and awarded the prestigious "2012 Litigator of the Year Award" presented by the Collin County Bench Bar Foundation.

The knowledge I gained is absolutely crucial in order to effectively present a defense for someone charged with DWI or an Intoxication offense.

I graduated from the University of Florida with Honors, and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Florida School of Law. As an undergrad, I majored in Criminology. While in Law School, much of my focus was on criminal law.

After leaving the District Attorney's Office, I have worked on many DWI & Intoxication cases from the defense standpoint.

I recieved training in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Intoxilyzer 5000, and Gas Chromatography from world famous Scientists at Axion Labratories in Chicago, IL.

Below are just some of the continuing education courses that I have taken in the field of DWI & Intoxication expenses. I have taken many more classes, but these specific courses deal with issues that arise in DWI and Intoxication cases:

- DWI / Intoxication Manslaughter Seminar

- Kinematics and Dynamics of Crash Reconstruction

- Crash Reconstruction Methodologies

- Technical Investigation & Computer Aided Reconstruction

- The Effects of Alcohol on Driving Abilities

- Intoxication Manslaughter Case Law Update

- The Charging Decision & Causation

- Using Technology - In & Out of the Courtroom

- A View From the Defense

- SFST's: Challenges & Responses

- Forensic Toxicology - Myths of Blood & Breath Testing

- Crash Data Retrieval

- Mandatory Blood Draws

- Issues In Jury Selection

- Cross of Expert Witnesses

- Expert Witness Roundtable

- Working With Hospitals: Blood Evidence & Medical Records

- 2005 Advanced Criminal Law

- Supreme Court Update

- Texas Court of Appeals Update

- Legislative Update

- Defenses

- Search & Seizure

- Appellate Rules

- DWI Statutes

- DWI Prosecution Perspective

- DWI Blood & Breath

- 2004 Advanced Criminal Law

- Grand Jury Investigations and Privileges

- Advanced Defenses

- Punishment Phase

- Final Arguments

- Immigration Consequences

- Sentencing Alternatives

- Cross Examination and Impeachment

- DWI Statutes

- DWI Prosecution

- DWI Blood and Breath

- Opening/Closing/Statements

- Investigation & Prosecution of Intoxication Manslaughter

- 2004 Prosecutor Trial Skills Course

- What Jurors Want

- Effective Jury Selection

- The Nuts & Bolts of DWI Jury Selection

- Jury Selection After Standifer

- DWI Case Law Update

- The Effects of Alcohol on Driving Abilities

- Cross-Examination & Impeachment

- Cross-Examination of the Defense Expert

- Probation Revocations

- Punishment Evidence

- Final Argument


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